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We've taken over 45 years of recruitment innovation and experience as Management Recruiters International and reinvented ourselves as MRINetwork.

Now we're better positioned than ever to meet the needs of our clients and candidates--to build the heart of business with the people who make a difference.

Our team of professionals know how to match the right candidates with the right jobs.


We know and understand first hand the importance, impact and cost of every hiring decision. At MR Charlotte-East, our job is to make this process simpler, faster and more cost-effective for our clients.

Making a good decision happens in stages. The critical first step is realizing that you have a desire or need - perhaps you want to be closer to family, or you have always wanted to be a part of a small but growing business. Whatever stage of your desire or need, WE CAN HELP. Our Account Executives and Project Coordinators have experience in asking questions.

MANAGEMENT RECRUITERS OF CHARLOTTE-EAST has over 25 years experience in recruiting and placing talented specialists in executive, managerial, technical, and research positions in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

We have consistently ranked as one of the leading offices in our CompuSearch division.  We have received national recognition as a Finalist in the Best of Class category from our many client companies.  Our office has achieved President's Club status and has been a frequent monthly leader in our class.  Our Account Executives have also shared these honors individually.

We are ready to assist you in finding the best candidates to hire, as well as the best companies for which to work. We can help you MAKE GOOD DECISIONS!

Mission Statement


...........only a few of the many areas where we, as recruiters, find ourselves on BOTH sides of the fence. Companies and the candidates - too often - come to the table believing their best interests are not going to be considered. Candidates feel pressured; don't believe they get all the 'facts' surrounding the job or company; expect they should be able to demand higher salaries, benefits and perks; and so on.

Companies, on the other hand, feel frustrated when they spend quality time describing their needs to a recruiter - and never hear from the recruiter again! How many times do you receive stacks of resumes that aren't even close to matching your requirements? Also, hiring managers are made to feel compelled to make decisions from resumes that fail to portray the person actually being interviewed! And, what about those times when a candidate under consideration suddenly claims he or she is worth much more than your offer - OR - rejects your offer because the recruiter lacked a basic understanding of the candidate's needs, intentions, feelings, or requirements?

It is the MISSION of Management Recruiters of Charlotte-East to address these real issues. We pride ourselves in making GOOD FITS! Through our team initiative, we strive to achieve prompt, dependable, and accountable service to our clients and candidates. Our job is to provide you with whatever you need - so YOU can MAKE GOOD DECISIONS!


Top talent is always in demand. Now you can have your own talent agent guiding you in your career decisions. Our individual solutions can help you determine if you're being paid fair value, assist you with your career planning, and make the proper introductions to companies who can use your talents.


Our business is people. Talented people who will not only help your company grow but who will also be a good cultural fit. With a wide array of resources available, we offer you an individual, customized solution allowing you to save time & money, and reduce your stress while shortening your time to hire.