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We've taken over 45 years of recruitment innovation and experience as Management Recruiters International and reinvented ourselves as MRINetwork.

Now we're better positioned than ever to meet the needs of our clients and candidates--to build the heart of business with the people who make a difference.

Our team of professionals know how to match the right candidates with the right jobs.



When you select our office to find top-quality candidates for your openings, you will quickly discover it is a partnership process. First, we will ask questions to determine your short and long term goals and determine the type of culture which prevails in your environment. Then we will develop a recruitment plan based on these 5 steps:

1.  Seeking Quality Candidates - We research potential candidates and prepare a profile on each of them, based on your opening's specifications. After narrowing the field, we recruit the selected individuals and, when necessary, conduct reference checks.

2.  Presenting the Candidates - We schedule appointments to fit the availability of your interview team and then join you for an analysis of each candidate in terms of commitment, offer, feedback, family considerations, follow-up actions, and other pertinent assessments.

3.  Facilitating the Offer - At your discretion, we can facilitate your employment offer, advising on salary, relocation and start date issues.

4.  Assisting with the Transition - We work closely with the chosen candidate on how to effectively resign and field counter offers. We also can provide an excellent relocation program.

5.  Continuing the Relationship - We maintain on-going contact with you and the candidate to ensure both of you are completely satisfied with the hire.


Whether your placement needs are broad or targeted, our office can offer the services you need to complete your recruitment effort. MRI, at a corporate level, placed over 1,000 candidates in less than 9 months with ONE company!  While our office by itself is unable to perform such a task, we are able to coordinate such an effort - even internationally, if you require. In most cases, however, our clients are looking for a smaller targeted group of professionals. Our office is now positioned to handle multiple openings from individual companies by shifting project personnel to dedicated teams. So if you need 3 or 20 people at one time, or must spread your hires over a fixed time period, ask about a dedicated team approach.


Recruiters now play a more influential role in a company's hiring process. That is why service options are important to explore and understand. Some clients prefer a stack of resumes to sift through, others prefer that the search consultant be intimately involved with all aspects of the hire including meeting with decision makers, being part of the annual hiring plans, and even being present at interviews.
We try to address the different needs of our clients by offering different service options. A simple contingency search is always an option when there is no real urgency, or there is time to field calls and screen candidates from many different agencies. Because the pace of hiring is becoming increasingly critical, many clients are choosing "preferred" relationships which limit their working relationships to a few agencies over a long term. "Preferred" clients usually use priority or engagement searches that are done on retainer, and thus ensure dedicated search time and a commitment from the Account Executive who is familiar with your industry, mission and needs.


Top talent is always in demand. Now you can have your own talent agent guiding you in your career decisions. Our individual solutions can help you determine if you're being paid fair value, assist you with your career planning, and make the proper introductions to companies who can use your talents.


Our business is people. Talented people who will not only help your company grow but who will also be a good cultural fit. With a wide array of resources available, we offer you an individual, customized solution allowing you to save time & money, and reduce your stress while shortening your time to hire.